Friday, January 4, 2008

It'a new year and a new approach

I've been lazy with my blogging over the past few months. This year one of my goals it keep my blog as a diary of the events i'm involved with.

First job for 2008 sees me in perth next week. I'll be delivering 4 x 1 hour sessions as part of a 3 day event the client is running. My topics:

  1. Self Motivation - Getting the most out of your time
  2. Goal setting for success
  3. Choosing your attitude
  4. Outstanding customer service

I read an interesting book whilst on a holiday with my family. It's called Blink. The author is malcolm gladwell who wrote The Tipping Point. It's worth a look. Gladwell highlights the importance of trusting your subconscious. He argues we should allow our subconscious to guide us perhaps more than we do. It's well supported with good research and examples.

Just before I check out of this blog I always re do my goals at the end of each year. I can't stress how useful I find this exercise. Of all the topics I speak on goal setting is one that I am convinced will make the biggest difference to the way you perform. I break my goals down in to the following areas:

  1. Family
  2. Personal
  3. Work
  4. Community

email me if you'd like any tips or ideas on how to get started. Good luck for a great 2008.

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