Sunday, January 20, 2008

How persuasive are your presentations?

We ran the first 2 days of a 3 day course last week for a client on how to Present With Confidence.

In my opinion ,the reason most presentations are remarkably ineffective is they lack the 3p's. Punch, Persuasion and Passion. They are too vanilla.

Consider this when you present. Are you trying to persuade, inform or entertain ? If you want to be persuasive your need to incorporate the following into you presentations:

  • Statistics to give you legitimacy
  • Value - Understanding the audiences needs and addressing them
  • Developing relationships prior to and post the presentation
  • Using reference stories , examples, metaphors and anecdotes in appropriate places
  • Pain - have you built enough to get them to change

If you change nothing , nothing changes.

Trying to change the thoughts and belief systems of an audience is no easy task. You need a range of skills and you need to deliver your message in a very engaging fashion.

Above all else, you have to totally believe in your message. No ifs , no buts. If you don't believe in it the audience will smell your lack of conviction before you get past your first slide!

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