Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting what you deserve

I wrote a letter to Geoff Dixon (CEO of Qantas) a few weeks ago about poor customer service with his airline.

I fly a lot in my role as a consultant and trainer and am loyal to Qantas. Their frequent flyer program has helped keep me flying with them.

I had 3 poor experiences in 3 weeks and felt enough was enough.

I received a swift response from Qantas and was more than happy with how they dealt with my issues and concerns.

Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake most consumers make when they are complaining to an organisation is they fail to specify what they are seeking as compensation.

There is no point in winging for the sake of it.

Specify what you are after.

A few things you should include in your letter

  • What you are seeking in compensation. (How to resolve your problem). Give them some options it will make their job / life easier
  • More than one thing you are complaining about.
  • What you will do if the issue isn't resolved
  • Highlight your potential Lifetime Market Value (LMV) to that business. eg: if you spend 10k ayear with a business and will be loyal to them for another potentailly 10 years your LMV is 100k. If they lose you in year 2 they have potentailly lost 90k of revenue

If you would like a copy of the letter I sent to Geoff just email Patricia@nrgsolutions.com.au and request the Qantas complaint letter.


Edge said...

excellent point. I might need one of those letters as a reference in case I need to write one.

Anonymous said...

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