Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Because I'm still making progress

I was asked the other day about the importance of product knowledge in your area of expertise.

That’s the most important thing.

If you don’t offer excellent technical skills and product knowledge then it will be very hard for me to recommend you to anyone.

If you want to develop a sustainable business you will very quickly realise the importance of the megaphone effect. Turn a funnel upside down, put it on your lips and it becomes a megaphone. That megaphone should be on your customers lips with them telling others about the experience they have had working with you and your company.

Invest an enormous amount of time in your area of expertise to become better than your competitors. Read, attend courses, speak to others, listen, visit sites, get a mentor and just keep going.

I recommend that professionals should think deeper rather than wider. Initially become an expert in one tiny little area, but aim to be better than anyone else in the world in that area.

A Great Real Estate Agent

Lets think about a great real estate agent. She should know everything about property in one or two suburbs. Recent sales, trends, time on the market figures, proposed developments, length of time for council approvals, demographic of streets, schools, bus routes, suitability of certain building materials, best plants to grow, types of customers buying in the area, history of the region, travel times to major areas, etc.

Now from my experience most of the agents I’ve seen can tell you only what you yourself can find at the click of a few buttons. That’s of limited value. Be different by offering more to potential customers, which means investing more time to deepen your knowledge. The rewards will make it well worthwhile.

Think continuous learning.

Pablo Cassals

I love the story about Pablo Cassals, the famous Spanish Cello player. Perhaps the best cello player ever. When he was in his 90’s he still used to practice the cello for 30 minutes a day. Someone once asked him why.

“Because I’m still making progress”

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