Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you successful?

Why are some blogs more successful than others?

I read Seth Goddins blog most days and like it for 4 reasons.

  1. He challenges me to think about how I interact with my customers
  2. He uses normal language not business jargon
  3. He is a marketer with a proven track record
  4. He is a business owner and so am I

One of my goals this year is to expand my blog readership.

This is no easy task. What do you, as the reader want to read?

Most of my work involves helping people to have a decent crack at something. I speak and coach people about sales , leadership and presenting. These are very broad subjects.

What I'm most interested in is why do some people have more of a go than others?

There are rarely short cuts to success in life.

I just read Malcolm Gladwells latest offering, Outliers. He looks for patterns in successful people.

You wont be suprised to find out that he discovered:

The environment you grew up in; A degree of luck; and persistence are all key ingredients.

What motivates you to surf the net, read blogs, go to work etc?

Why are you so successful or for that matter unsuccessful?


anthony said...

hmm, nice comment Steve, I definietly believe the environment whether it be home life or school work or uni.. can influence your behaviour and success. keep up the blogs.. as for increasing your blob proposal, a school friend of mine sam de brito has a successful blog.. all men are liers on this may help in selecting your next topic

Steve Herzberg said...

Thanks for your comment Ant. Makes you realise how important environment is when you are a parent.

Does Sam write about sex and relationships? I would have thought there's already enough of that stuff on line.

Anonymous said...

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