Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 26th - Free pizza and soft drink

Building your contacts

I'm speaking this wednesday evening at (6.30pm) Microsoft in Sydney, about networking skills for developers.

Most geeks will be thinking great, unsecured or secured? Reality is it’s all about how developers can build up their network and contacts to help them grow their business and raise their own profile.

I suggest that a good start would be come to this exciting session and invite along a client or supplier.

In a highly engaging presentation I'll be be covering:

· How to get the most out of attending an event
· Why it’s so important to build your network
· Appropriate behaviour at a function or networking event
· Building rapport with people who are different to you
· Tips for starting conversations with people you don’t know
· How to remember people’s names
· Are you a stalker - the rules on staying in touch with new people you meet
· What to do when you are NOT connecting with someone at a function
· Steps for becoming a better networker
· Old school ideas versus new school networking (social networking tools)

For more information email Craig Bailey ''.

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